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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a carbon foot print? And how much of a carbon foot print does a Speck E-Bike leave?

A carbon foot print is a measure of the impact human activities have on the environment in terms of the amount of green house gases produced, measured in units of carbon dioxide.

The Speck E-Bike leaves a zero carbon foot print.

Why should I buy a Speck E-Bike?

Speck E-Bikes feature an accurate power sensor, front and rear brakes, stable bipod kickstands, and powerful and reliable 36 Volt hub motors of 250 and 600 Watts of power. A wide variety of frame styles are available. This results in fast, powerful, clean, and inexpensive alternatives to fossil fueled vehicles. High power SLA batteries are standard on most models and longer lasting and lighter Lithium Ion Polymer batteries are available for many models. Speck E-Bikes offer top value and performance. Compare with similar products that cost twice as much.

How do I order a speedy new Speck E-Bike ?

Contact Bradley Speck via email: bradleyspeck@hotmail.com

or via telephone: (940) 566-8661

Custom ordered Speck E-Bikes have a delivery turn around of approximately 14 business days.

Speck E-Bikes requires a minimum of 50 % down payment and signing of our customer contract when placing an order, and the remaining 50% balance paid at time of delivery or shipping date.

We have a no risk, 50% down payment, meaning we will contact you when your new Speck E-Bike is ready for shipment or delivery to make 100% sure that you are still ready to complete your order. If for any reason you have changed your mind about your purchase, we will return your complete deposit.

May I return a Speck E-Bike for a refund?

60 Day money back guarantee on all labor and parts, excluding the battery starting on final payment date.  Not happy, no problem, we will pay for the return shipping cost or pick the E Bike up if it was deliverd by Speck E-Bikes.


Does Speck E-Bikes repair electric bicycles?

YES! We do electric bicycle repairs of all kinds. And we offer a free estimate! Just contact us for an appointment: Brad (940) 566-8661  or email: bradleyspeck@hotmail.com

Please note we do not work on regular bicycles.

email Brad: bradleyspeck@hotmail.com













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