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Ride and park wherever you can take a manual bicycle. Pedal if you want to or just ride.

With top speeds of up to 20 m.p.h., ranges of up to 40 miles between charges, and approximate operating costs of $100 a year or less, there is no better bargain in reliable transportation

Please wear a helmet when riding an E-Bike.

Custom Speck E-Bikes

Basic E-Bike

All of these Custom Speck E-Bikes models are capable of 20 mph and 15 mile + ranges with minimal pedaling.

All Speck E-Bikes come complete with battery charger, ready to ride. Speck E-Bikes come in a wide selection of frames, motors, and accessories. The base motor for all Custom Speck E-Bikes is a Wilderness Energy 36 Volt, 600 Watt (continuous) brushless front hub motor and 12 amp hour SLA extended range battery pack.

Power Options

Other hub and Currie chain drive motors, brushed and brushless, from 180 to 750 Watts are available. High capacity Sealed Lead Acid and lightweight Lithium batteries are standard. Nickel metal-hydride batteries of varying capacities are available by special order.

In most states, a bicycle powered by an electric motor with less than 1 horsepower (750 Watts), that weighs less than 100 lbs., and is capable of not more than 20 mph (unassisted, with a 170 lbs. rider over flat terrain), is street legal as an “electrically assisted bicycle”.



         GINA   NEW!
        Electric recumbent tricycle
        $1999 base price


  • Aluminum framed men's cruiser bicycle
  • Our original ELECTRIC HORSE
  • $949 base price



  • steel single speed women's cruiser.
  • $979.00 as shown ($30 bullet headlight, $40 taillight, and $10 mirror)
  • Color options: Purple, pink and white
  • $899 base price



  • men's single speed cruiser, steel frame
  • $899 base price
  • Based on a lightweight (28.5 lbs.) aluminum step through frame
  • Single speed e-bike
  • Available in men's or women's frame, same price
  • $899 base price



  • A 6 speed, 48 volt adult tricycle with power to spare.
  • Available with a seat back and canopy, this model starts at
  • $1699 base price (as shown above)
  • I-Zip single speed version (less powerful) with a Currie chain drive
  • $1299 base price

Care and Feeding of Your New Speck E-Bike

It's a Legal Thing

  • Coming soon...
  • Speck E-Bike custom models Fergie, Helen and Isabel


R. Martin E-Bikes


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